About our Boards

Kiln Dried Australian Hardwood, Solid, Heavy and Durable

Our Cutting Board Hardwood is sourced and manufactured in the heart of the Northern Rivers (Northern NSW).

The timber is sourced in Northern New South Wales and is harvested to stringent government guidelines and environmental practices. The wood is sawn and kiln dried in solar kilns and hand finished. Each chopping boards has its own individual characteristics and colour variations making them individual and unique.

The chopping boards are coated in multiple layers of Grape seed oil and 4 rubber feet are attached to the underside of the board to prevent scratching your kitchen surface.

The standard chopping boards are made from one solid piece of hardwood timber. The larger sizes are laminated together with multiple boards. Hardwood timber is extremely durable, it’s tight grain helping to reduce scoring of the chopping surface and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface.

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